Friday, December 14, 2012

Hair Product Finds

Sorry I haven't been posting much, super busy and also being super lazy resting and healing and it's driving me nuts.  I'm anxious to get back out and run but I'm also afraid it's gonna hurt when I do and it's become a struggle of do I really want to know if I'm better or not?!?!  ugh! 

Since not much is new in that area that I'd share some awesome finds I've found and that are actually really making a difference....on my hair! 

My hair is kind of funky.

It's thick but it's fine.

It's curly but it's straight.

It's soft but it feels like straw. 

My hair is a total womann and can't make up it's mind on what it wants to be...totally annoying if you ask me! 

I round brush my hair every day, it's easy and it creates a nice look when I actually don't rush through the process.  I used to be able to curl my hair and now its like I'm all thumbs when I try so round brushing it is!  I used to fret over a hair not doing what I want it to do and now if it's decent it's a good day! 

HELLO that's what being a mom does to ya! 

But with round brushing lately it seems like my hair has been breaking off more than normal and I'm not sure what the deal it.  Maybe it's because I've been pulling my hair back more with running...that's probably part of it. 

And with getting married in less than a year, I wanna have great hair on my wedding day, or at least something the stylist can work with besides of bunch of split I decided to invest is some good hair product. 

Totally expecting to have to drop over $50 on product...however...I didn't!!!!  HOLLER!

And I can already tell a HUGE difference in my hair. 

What am I using??  You'll probably be shocked a little. 

RedKen Anti-Snap
This stuff is the most expensive stuff...around $15 I think I spent at the salon but it's worth it.  You put two pumps of this stuff on right after you get out of the shower and gently massage (maybe you can convince your hubby or children to massage your head....I have yet been able to get Tony to cooperate in this be continued...) it into your hair and then blow dry/style how you normally would. 

I also switched up my shampoo and conditioner...and I got this tip from the stylist at the salon when I was trying to find a good shampoo...she was like...I've been using this stuff with Heidi Klum in the commercial and I'm shocked how great it's been on my hair and it's less than $5!  Well slap me silly and call me Sarah....oh wait..errr....never mind.  

In the past I have found that stylist really do know their stuff when it comes to product and if they suggest something to you, you should use it so I thought I'd give it a try. 

Clear Scalp & Hair can get this stuff at Wal-Mart!
This stuff too is...AMAZING!!!  I wash my hair with the shampoo (duh right?) and then I massage the conditioner in and I leave it in while I do the rest of my showering duties (shaving, body wash etc) and then I flip the water to cold and rinse the conditioner out. 

And I'm telling you...after just a few uses I can totally tell a difference and after 1 week I was sold on both of these products! 

Now I just gotta get my hair trimmed and we'll be good to go on hopefully having much healthier hair! 

Do you have a hair product you swear by?? 

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