Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Hurting Bad...Like REAL Bad

Remember when I said my Achilles tendon was hurting after my 5 mile run on Thanksgiving and how I planned on resting? 

Well I did that and was feeling better after 12 days of rest and was itching to run again. 

Tuesday morning my BFF and I went out to run at 5:30am and I was excited.  I haven't ran with her probably since September we were thinking and that was probably the last time I actually ran with a partner too! 

However, after a mile, my Achilles tendon was hurting again BAD!  I couldn't believe it.  We pushed to do 2 miles and by the end I was limping and in pain.  Got home and I iced and stretched for a bit before work and could have just cried. 

I don't understand what's wrong and it just makes me mad and want to cry.  

Last night I rested more, lots of icing and stretching for a couple of hours and just praying that if I'm better about doing that religiously that things will get better. 

I just want to run! 

That's it! 

Not training for anything, just want to be able to run this winter and right now I'm not sure if and when that's going to happen. 

I'm so beyond frustrated!! 

Let's hope things improve soon!  Until then...this is what I'm doing in my evenings...




  1. Girl you probably need to let it rest, that's all. I decided to ease up from running until Feb - to let my hips heal. But use the time not running to work on my core strength and other crosstraining. I sit at my desk at home and see all these runners out in the neighborhood and I am SOOO jealous! But the body needs time to heal. There is no better treatment than rest. We can ice and stretch all we want, but if we keep running on our injuries it won't help. So I'm sitting right on that couch with you!! :) If you want, we can be virtual workout buddies! To keep each other accountable! Because I know I love sleeping on my comfy couch in the evenings! LOL

    1. Thanks Jacy for the suggestions, I think I too will rest from running till at least after the holidays and then see how it goes. Hope your hip starts to feel better too!


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