Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Has Christmas snuck up on anyone else this year?  It has for me!  I've got all my Christmas shopping done, half of my wrapping done but then I realized this past Sunday I have just one week left with Miss H before she leaves for her dad's until Christmas day.  YIKES!

I'm all about memories and experiences and doing the same thing each year.  I know those are the things that I remember from my childhood and that's what I want Miss H to remember when she grows up. 

So what that meant was instead of being lazy on Sunday afternoon and taking a nap and watching meant I was in the kitchen the ENTIRE DAY baking.  And to top it off I had a massive headache...awesome timing! 

Last night we finally cut out and baked our sugar cookie dough we made on Sunday.  I hate this part of doing sugar cookies.  It's so hard and long and creates such a mess.  But we got it done.  Miss H's job was the "Cookie taker off-er", that's her new thing where she likes to take the cookies off the cookie sheet. 

I've been working hard on letting her be more involved with things even if it takes longer and creates more of a mess.  I know it's not a big deal and it's great to have her involved and yes it creates awesome bring on the mess!! 

After they were all baked, I was ready to sit on my arse for the night, Miss H talks me into decorating them.  SURE, why not, I haven't sat down since I walked in the door from work but let's do it!!!

That's green and RED icing

Our official Cookie Decorater

I really do enjoy doing this with Hailey, I remember my mom baking a TON of sugar cookies before Christmas then all four of us kids sitting out the table anxiously ready to attack any cookie with massive amounts of sprinkles as soon as she laid it down.  I can barely keep up with Miss H I'm not sure how my mom kept up on her icing skills with four kids ready to decorate. 

Finished product

Miss H's special cookie made just for herself...and to which 75% of those sprinkles fell off the cookie when I packed them away at the end of the night. 
Afterwards we settled in to watch my favorite Christmas movie....Charlie Brown Christmas.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

The Tobster aka Toby
Overall it was a great night.  I may have sprinkles and flour all over my kitchen floor for the next month but you better bet we had fun while we did it! 

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